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Our platform:

1) Stabilize taxes and obtain new sources of revenue

2) Strategic development that puts residents first and maintains small-town charm

3) Downtown revitalization that focuses on small businesses and reducing congestion

4) Increased transparency and responsiveness to residents

Meet Harry ClewellMeet Rupa KaleMeet Tommy DeCataldo

Welcome! The New Providence Democrats are pleased to announce that they have endorsed three candidates—Harry Clewell for Mayor and Tommy DeCataldo & Rupa Kale for Borough Council—and will be running a full, Democratic ticket for the November 2022 election.

Clewell, DeCataldo and Kale  bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm to addressing the most pressing issues facing New Providence today. The candidates offer diverse professional and personal experiences that would benefit our Borough both now and into the future. 

Harry, Tommy and Rupa are excited to bring new energy and a fresh perspective to our local governance. They look forward to meeting you, listening to you, working with you and most of all—representing you on the Borough Council. 

You can contact and connect with all three candidates below:
Harry Clewell
Tommy DeCataldo
Rupa Kale

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Harry Clewell is a member of the United States Army Reserves. Use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the United States Army Reserves, Department of the Army or the Department of Defense. All factual military information and photographs are provided in conjunction with other non-military biographical data.
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