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Get to Know the Candidates Series: Week 1

RUPA KALE for Borough Council

I’ve lived in New Providence for 13 years. After living in NY for 23 years and a year in Jersey City my husband and I fell in love with New Providence during a visit and decided to make it our home. Our twin boys were born at Overlook soon after and they currently attend Allen W Roberts Elementary School. I founded and moderate the New Providence Community Forum on Facebook. It is a space that helps foster connection for the residents in the Borough. In the 8 years it has been active the forum has allowed for exchange of information, support, celebration, and meaningful discourse during difficult times. I’m an enthusiastic volunteer in the community and at Allen W Roberts Elementary with the PTA. I’m part of the Diversity Committee and was appointed to the now dissolved Economic Development Committee. Over the years I have held and supported many drives in the community including clothing drives, Earth Day town clean up, toy drives, fundraisers to benefit the CSA, medical supply drive for Ukraine and am especially proud of being part of the Vaccine drive to get 100s of seniors in our community vaccinated. I have organized and participated in several vigils and rallies over the years for the community including supporting our police, fire and emergency services as well as remember gun violence victims. I have organized and hosted cultural events including the International Village at the Winter Walk among others. The running joke in my family is that I am New Providence’s Google & Complaint Box and I take that role rather seriously. I am proud to be a resource for residents in the Borough and am often called on to help resolve disputes, offer advise or resources. My years of service and involvement in the community have given me a valuable voice that represents many families in town. Having been a small business owner, a corporate executive and a local Realtor I bring a well-rounded skill set and perspective to the table. New Providence is a wonderful place to live and raise one’s family thanks to our incredible residents. However, the Borough continues to have challenges that need to be addressed. Permits for new construction, alterations, and additions have seen a tremendous increase year on year resulting in increased revenue for the Borough. Yet our taxes continue to increase, and our services remain the same. Garbage pickup is still once a week, recycling is still every other week and bulk pickup is still once a year. Despite large grants received to improve our roads and sidewalks; thanks to the hard work of dedicated Borough residents, we had not seen impactful or quick changes. We continue to suffer through broken bridges, roads in disrepair, power outages, water main breaks and unprecedented flooding. With a lot of slated construction in the Borough over the next several years we will need to navigate thru increased traffic congestion and demand on our sewer, water, power and emergency services in town. We need a long term plan that takes into account large construction projects in Chatham and Berkeley Heights that impact us here in New Providence. I would like to bring the same environment of respect and transparency to the Borough that I have worked hard to foster on the public forum. All residents deserve to be in the know of what is happening with our government. Taxpayers should receive timely and clear communication about decisions being made on our behalf that impact us. Our local government needs to be accessible to all including a modern, informative, and working website and accessible meetings and committees for the 21st century. I am very excited for this opportunity to serve the Borough and be part of the solution for the challenging times ahead of us. I am here for New Providence always and may be reached anytime at

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