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Get to Know the Candidates Series: Week 2

RUPA KALE for Borough Council

What do you think the major issues facing New Providence are at this time? How do you propose making improvements to said issues?

If the issue(s) identified has a substantial price tag, how do you propose paying for it? Residents are concerned about new high density housing construction and impact on traffic, schools, services and infrastructure. New Providence fought the mandate for decades and kicked the can down the road and then settled the suit which has stuck us with the need to build 1200 units and put us at the mercy of builders. We need a dedicated portal to inform Borough residents about the Affordable Housing mandate for New Providence. At this time there is dated, missing and bits and pieces of information out there. The average resident feels stressed about the situation and uninformed. This said portal would be accessible to all and contain full plans, with a clear view on what part of the obligation is fulfilled and what still remains. There will be another round in 2025.

What other options are there on the table to explore alternate ways to fulfill the obligation? Construction and building will happen soon enough. What is the proactive plan to prepare for it? What can be done to prepare for residents now who have invested in our Borough and will be here for years.

To start with we need a overhaul of our website with a virtual portion dedicated to Affordable Housing Mandate. We would need to go thru the Budget line items to understand where we might be able to find the funding. A website upgrade is not a massive expense. Certainly we can find funding thru the many grants that have flowed into our Budget as well as explore other opportunities. Our neighbors like the City of Summit has a comprehensive and informative website dedicated to Affordable Housing. We certainly can do the same.

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